Businesses are choosing solar power more than ever before

Solar energy panels with blue sky reflection

U.S. businesses are turning to solar energy for power needs more than ever before, the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) detailed in a recent report.

The SEIA took an in-depth look at the state of solar power in relation to U.S. corporations and the results were eye-popping.

Among the findings:

  • U.S. businesses have installed enough solar to offset 890,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year.
  • Commercial photovoltaic (PV) system prices are currently the lowest they’ve ever been.
  • The average cost of a commercial solar system is almost 30 percent less than it was 3 years ago.
  • Commercial solar installations now exist in 38 states, plus Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.

Solar expanding its reach

Solar installations occurred in Arkansas, Kansas and Indiana, not just in markets that are considered traditional solar markets like California, Arizona and New Jersey, the SEIA noted.

Walmart, Walgreens, IKEA sit at the top of the charts

According to the SEIA, Walmart grabbed the top spot number of solar projects and total capacity within the category of U.S. businesses. Walgreens had the second-most solar installations of all U.S. businesses, and IKEA has solar installs active in at least 22 states.

Source → Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA)